Is your sales tracking spreadsheet failing you?

Does your sales team need a sales tracking spreadsheet?

Many sales teams use Excel. We know you probably do that too.

But is an Excel spreadsheet the solution to coordinating deal-flow within your team?

Does it provide you all the needed information, all the time?

Does it provide the sales team what they need to keep track of deals?

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Yoman Sales Spreadsheet

Yoman is a simple spreadsheet, like Excel, but within it we've built a robust, advanced, enterprise CRM solution.

Use it just like Excel - add rows, add columns, etc. Near each row you will find a [+] button - to add lead activity data, such as phone calls, deals closing, etc. And you have a small "caret" dropdown - to add reminders and calendar appointments to a lead. And above all, you have an advanced search engine.

Does anybody really need more than that from a CRM?

With real-time collaboration, that is all that you'd need, and at a zero learning curve.

Try it now

Yoman is not your typical CRM - just start filling the spreadsheet and earn all the benefits.

Instead of a complicated workflow - it's just a simple spreadsheet.

Check it out at Yoman

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