Why is customer relationship management so difficult?

Does it have to be that difficult?

Let's try to nail it down to the roots.

It always seems to be a simple task.

Just manage my customers.

Just update my new leads.

Just synchronize with my team.

Just make an appointment.

Just send that price quote.

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Why is it so difficult?

Why does it seem that nobody can find a good CRM system for his/her organization?

It's such a simple task!

A data-entry system.

Everyone hates CRM software

Somehow, all industry leaders have relied on the same CRM model.

We have leads, we have contacts, we have accounts, we have opportunities, and we need to take a course to understand the differences.

How come?

So what is Yoman?

At Yoman, we've reduced the complexity to a simple spreadsheet. Just type in your leads, and enjoy all the benefits of an advanced CRM!

Yoman is a simple spreadsheet, like Excel, but within it we've built a robust, advanced, enterprise CRM solution.

Use it just like Excel - add rows, add columns, etc.

Does anybody really need more than that from a CRM?

With real-time collaboration, that is all that you'd need, and at a zero learning curve.

screenshot 1

Start using it for free!

Yoman is not your typical CRM - just start filling the spreadsheet and earn the benefits.

Instead of a complicated workflow - just a simple spreadsheet.

Check it out here

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