Yoman.io vs other 400 CRM systems [Pipedrive vs Insightly vs Salesforce vs OnePageCRM vs inTouchCRM vs Freshdesk vs ProsperWorks vs amoCRM vs Teamgate vs Nutshell vs ZohoCRM vs Apptivo vs Instream vs SalesBox vs karma vs Bitrix24 vs Snapforce vs Commence vs SalesNexus vs Highrise vs SugarCRM vs what else?]

The market is flooded with CRM software. But are they any good?

You probably know all the big players, especially Salesforce. But do they give you the value for your money? Are they really easy to use? Are you wasting time fighting with arcane interfaces that have not changed in 20 years?

A different experience

Yoman (Yoman) is not your typical CRM - in fact it does not look like a CRM at all!

When starting out with Yoman, it looks like you're using Excel or Google Sheets. It's easy to add and modify rows.

It provides you with great features, but without a learning curve - same Excel interface.

Instead of learning how to add leads, contacts, customers, accounts and all that, you just start working.

After starting to work as you're used to, you can start utilizing the advanced CRM features inherent in Yoman - right from inside the spreadsheet.

alt text

Reminders inside the spreadsheet

With one click, you open the reminders window for a lead. One more click - and the reminder is set! You'll get an e-mail in one day, week or whatever you selected.

Appointments inside the spreadsheet

With one click, you open the appointments window for a lead. One more click - and the appointment is set! In your calendar!

Sending e-mails from the spreadsheet

That's right, no more copy-pasting from the spreadsheet to Gmail or Outlook. Just click to send e-mail to start typing your e-mail.

Attaching files to the spreadsheet

Yes! You can finally attach a file, such as a price quote or agreement to the customer row in the spreadsheet! How convenient.

Customer history inside the spreadsheet

With one click, you open a mini-spreadsheet with customer history (see figure below). Just fill the mini-spreadsheet with your customer activity data (when you called him, etc).

screenshot 1

Definition of CRM

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