7 Basic Requirements from a super-simple CRM system

The CRM your team will love - no training necessary

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We know that your team hates CRMs. They all do. You don't want them to hate you for pushing an annoying CRM.

This will only bring trouble. They will not fill in their data. You will not be satisfied.

So what do they want? How can we keep our sales team happy, yet get our reports, know what's going on and so forth?

We need to provide as little friction to our team as possible. And if possible, zero friction. That means, no training. No new tools. Just use the same tools you already use. And salespeople use Excel. They use it a lot. But still, Excel is not satisfactory, not for you nor for your team.

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What do we need in a simple CRM?

You and your team may want many things that are not available in Excel. But how can we avoid the learning curve? We need it simple! The meaning of simple is - keep working in the same way.

Same spreadsheet. Same cells. Same way to add customers. Same way to modify customers. Same way to make calculations.

That way, no training is necessary.

And what should be different?

Nothing. Only the new features. Only the most pressing needs, should be elegantly added into the interface.

In today's CRM world, there're 2 options:

  1. Continue using Excel - we all like that.
  2. Deploy a complicated CRM solution, spend time integrating it into your workflow, and then finding out that it does not fit your workflow.

Yoman brings a third option

Yoman brings the simplicity of Excel with the features of advanced and complicated CRM systems.

We've elegantly added all the features that you need both as a manager, and as a salesperson - to help you close more deals.

With that, we mean that right from INSIDE the spreadsheet, you can:

  1. Send e-mails and track opening
  2. Write notes about your interactions with prospective customers
  3. Collaborate with other team members
  4. Make calls
  5. Set reminders
  6. Set appointments
  7. Sync all that with your Google Calendar and mobile phone
  8. And more!

How can we bring high compliance to the CRM experience?

Because your employees will love our CRM, they will keep using it.

You will not have to ditch your CRM installation and go back to spreadsheets, as happens in more more than 50% of CRM installations.

So what is Yoman?

Yoman is not a CRM. It's a simple spreadsheet, like Excel.

Using Yoman you can start entering your leads immediately and start closing deals.

It's a spreadsheet experience - with the benefits of a real CRM.

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