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How to use your CRM as an e-mail marketing machine

There are myriad CRM vendors in the market. But do they allow you to nurture and take care of your existing customers?

Do they allow you to better engage your prospects through engaging e-mails with actionable buttons?

We believe that a CRM is all about customer RELATIONSHIPS. And for relationships to prosper they need to be nurtured.

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Follow-up your customers with engaging e-mails

Using the built-in rich e-mail editor, you can produce engaging e-mails that include colors, photos, and more.

You can then e-mail them to all of a selected group of your prospects in your spreadsheet. And you do that right from inside the spreadsheet! No external software is needed.

This way you can effortlessly e-mail your customers whenever there's something new about your business. Send them links to hot deals, coupons, and more.

Know when your customers open your e-mails

When your customers open your e-mail, it will be updated in the customer's activity in the spreadsheet, and you will immediately know about it.

You can then follow up if necessary. You can track who opened your e-mails and who didn't, and perhaps resend the e-mail if necessary.

It's all in the spreadsheet

We think marketing software should be as simple as a spreadsheet.

We are all used to filling up Excel with our customers. Why can't we e-mail them from there? Why do we need other complicated software?

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Spreadsheets has always been paramount to sales productivity, and this is not going to change. We believe that salespeople should be allowed to keep using simple spreadsheets to track their leads.

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