Spreadsheet CRM that integrates with 4 tools that you use

Work like you're used to - with Outlook/Gmail/Google Calendar/Excel

How does Yoman bring some magic into the CRM experience?

When using a regular CRM, you're usually locked into the traditional CRM workflow. You have contacts, you have accounts, you have opportunities, you have customers/leads, it's too complicated. And you need too many clicks to navigate in the CRM and really do what you want.

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Use the tools that you love

with Yoman, you're not locked into a new annoying and complicated tool. We allow you to keep using the same tools you probably use already. And they integrate seamlessly into your workflow.


You love Excel. But Excel is limited. Our user interface looks just like Excel. You can enter data into cells, you can collaborate on the data, and you have lots of nice benefits we've added.

It is not really a CRM. It's a spreadsheet - like Excel.

What does everybody like about Excel?

It's fully customizable.

If you want to customize the columns in the table, you can just use the mouse to delete columns or add new columns. And just type in the spreadsheet. No sophisticated interfaces. No novel UI/UX experiences are needed.


From our CRM, you can open a gmail inbox immediately with the client's e-mail populated already. You can also browse previous correspondence with that client.

Google Calendar

From our CRM, you can make appointments that will appear in your Google calendar, and then you get notified on your mobile phone, tablet, or desktop computer. From the appointment you have a link to open the relevant customer.

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You can login with Slack and get reminders into your Slack channel.

Google Chrome Webstore

You can install our CRM as an app in Google Chrome, and then have a quick-launch button to start the CRM.

What else?

Our CRM is built to use the same nice and easy features of Excel, but prevent the clumsiness in using Excel when setting appointments, reminders, lead history, collaboration, and more.

We've reduced the complexity to a simple spreadsheet.

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