A CRM Built for Mobile [7 main features]

How we've built Yoman for a perfect mobile experience

We know you do your work everywhere. And you need to get updated on your clients from everywhere you go. A true mobile CRM will enable you to do that.

We're proud to present our truly mobile-enabled CRM.

mobile phone

Yoman boasts great mobile integration, including:

  1. A true mobile navigation experience in the spreadsheet - use your fingers to move around and zoom by swiping and pinching.
  2. Make calls directly from the CRM - in your phone!
  3. Make Skype calls from the CRM
  4. Make calls using Facetime
  5. Update EVERYTHING on-the-go
  6. True mobile experience - a simple spreadsheet which you can adapt to how YOU want to work.No more complicated forms with lots of fields.
  7. Our little CRM button will go with you everywhere you go as you browse the spreadsheet.

Go mobile now

We believe that our approach provides the best-breed of mobile functionality. Not just mobile enabled, not just responsive design, but true mobile experience.

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Thanks for reading, The Yoman Team

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