Battle-tested Secure CRM [5 security measures]

How we secure everything in Yoman

While Yoman may bring a simple experience to the end user (we know you love it), security concerns were treated seriously.

We know your data is very important for you. And we know it should never land in the hands of your competitors. And we know it should always be there for you.

We've used the most strict security precautions to ensure all of the above. We provide extra safety by allowing you to receive daily backups of your CRM database into your mailbox/Google Drive account.

How did we secure the system?

  1. All communication between the user and our servers is encrypted. We use Secure Socket Layer (SSL), and as you may have noticed, during your connection to the CRM you use the https (http SECURE) protocol.
  2. Our database is fully protected from malicious attacks including SQL injection and other attack vectors.
  3. Our data is backed up daily to a remote facility in a different country.
  4. For premium customers, we have the option of exporting your CRM database into Excel, just to get you even less worried.
  5. In addition to that, we have other protection measures, some of which we prefer not to disclose.

If you have any more questions concerning our security, you're welcome to talk to us (info@yoman.io)

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Thanks for reading!

Yoman Team

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