We've had a facelift! [5 new improvements]

Here is our new interface

Watch and enjoy.

Just type in the spreadsheet - use the plus button to type comments and more options.

screenshot 1

So what's new?

While the facelift appears to be cosmetic, it is not so. We've listened hard to your suggestions and implemented many of them.

Among other things, you'll find lots of small improvements that help you work better, faster, and more efficient:

  1. Choose which google calendar to sync to - good for teams working on shared calendars.
  2. More options on searching - by date, by days of modication, by text in subtable, and more.
  3. Easier to share with your team - just copy-paste the provided link and send them!
  4. Some automation in the comments subtable - automatically put in the current date and username when you type in new comments.
  5. Super-easy interface to set reminders.
  6. And many more small things to save your day! Let us know if you've found more. We've built Yoman to look SOO simple yet let you look out for all the hidden goodies. :).
Tags: crm

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