Copy and Paste: How to avoid it in office and client management

Copy-pasting should be good, right? After all, it saves you typing. It saves your time. You don't have to re-type it all over again. Just copy and paste! But these days, many people consider copy-pasting a waste of time. Something that should have been automated long ago. And believe it or not, they're mostly right! For today's extremely mundate office tasks, there is usually a solution beyond copying and pasting.

Let's explore several issues in copy-pasting that we are all familiar with.

Copy pasting customer data into our calendar

We all have that Excel spreadsheet filled with our customer data, right? And what do we do once we want to set a meeting with a client? Open the calendar of course. And then what? We set a meeting. With whom? With our customer. So let's copy-paste his name into the calendar event. And what about the phone number? Another copy-paste. Address? Another copy-paste. E-mail? Another one. Our muscles already ache from all that.

The solution

Why not use the Yoman.io spreadsheet? When setting an appointment from Yoman (yes you do it from Yoman, no need to open the calendar in another window!) all customer data is already copied into the calendar event (synced with Google calendar).

Copy-pasting addresses into Google Maps or Waze

So we're driving to our meeting. Where is that? We have to look up the address in our spreadsheet. Then we copy it to our notes. Then we head to our car, and type in the address in Google maps. Too much typing isn't it?

The solution

If you had the address to your client in your Yoman.io spreadsheet, it is already copied to your Google Calendar event, which you can access in your phone. So just click on it to open Google maps and start navigating!

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Copy-pasting when sending e-mails

So you have a list of leads, right? You need to e-mail them your great business proposal. But they're in Excel (or something similar). So what do you do? Type it in! Copy-paste each one into your e-mail software and send them an email. Don't do it all at once to avoid RSI (repetitive strain injury). Instead, just do it in chunks of a few customers each time, and take a short break in between. Great solution, right? Or not...

The solution

No more copy pasting e-mail addresses! Using Yoman, you can send emails right from inside the spreadsheet! Just click on a client, and click "Send Email". Your favorite e-mail software will open, and the email will be already filled in! What a timesaver!

Copy-pasting into your tasks list

So you have a tasks list. Is it another Excel spreadsheet? Or just a notebook? Or just scattered notes on a page? Either way, you must have some phone numbers there to remember who you need to call. And guess what, you have to copy them, either copy-pasting, or just typing it again. Isn't that annoying?

The solution

Using Yoman.io, you can now take charge of your tasks. Never let a task slip again. By creating tasks and linking them to a certain row in your spreadsheet, you can browse your tasks lists, and access (and modify) the relevant customer information right from your tasks list. Never live in a mess again! Even if your spreadsheet is huge, your tasks list will contain only the most pressing things that need to be done NOW. and you can access the relevant spreadsheet row by just clicking on a task.

Thanks for reading!

And if you want to get organized with your contacts, avoid copy-pastes, and never forget a task, try Yoman.io. It's a magical spreadsheet that will get you quickly organized.

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