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10 Dark Secrets of CRM

You hate CRM and so does everybody else – how come?

CRM software has existed for over 3 decades. It’s one of the most mature software categories. Yet it has not changed much since Act! was released by Sage many years ago.

It is one of the most hated software categories. Yet it is one of the most competitive markets available. Some sources estimate that there are over 350 CRM implementations available.

Let us reveal some dark secrets about CRM software.

1 Over 50 percent of CRM implementations FAIL

That’s right. Even if you choose a CRM and let your employees use it, nobody has managed to break that bar. CRM implementations fail miserably!

Your employees don’t fill in the data properly, and eventually the CRM is ditched and employees say it’s because they have to get work done, not type in data all day. Everyone usually reverts to their spreadsheet or pen-and-paper, because they still need to keep track of what’s going on.

2 CRMs are mostly the same

Opportunities, leads, customers, accounts, does anbody know the differences?

You do, if you’ve taken a CRM course. And even then you don’t like that. And most CRM users don’t like the extra complexity of all these terms. They just need to type in their progress with their customers.

3 You use only 2% of the features

That’s right, nobody uses more than 2% of the features.

These are good for the marketing and sales people that sell the CRM, not for you.

Ever made an invoice using the CRM? Sent a document to sign using an e-signage tool? Used all the analytics features? Some people do. If they are forced to. But almost nobody does, and most people don’t know how to.

4 CRM analytics is useless for over 90% of companies

That’s right. If you don’t have enough customers and the right data, CRM analytics is useless. Even if it’s the hottest trend today. There’s no enough statistics to support its recommendations. And your hunch is many times a better indicator.

5 Using a CRM today is still important

Using a CRM is not important because of all the added benefits. It’s important because of the basics! CRM is good for tracking your leads and their status, sharing it with the team, and making basic reports. But usually, nothing more than that. As simple as that sounds, an Excel spreadsheet is not a viable alternative for the basics.

6 Excel is the most popular CRM in the world

Yes, you’ve heard it right. Not only you are using Excel – everybody does!

And they use it as a CRM, more than ever! It’s so simple to use, and it provides the basic data-typing needs. Many people don’t need more than that.

7 Mobile CRM is over-hyped

You need to run your sales on mobile as well. But it can usually wait for the office. It’s another trick for selling the CRM.

8 It’s all about the customizations, or is it?

Every business is different. You need the CRM to fit your business. Or do you?

The most flexible tool is Excel. You don’t need to customize. Just type your data as you see fit. Other CRMs don’t come even close.

The truth is that most CRMs are BAD at customizations, even though they claim they aren’t.

9 The most popular CRMs are not necessarily the best

We know it, we’ve tried them. And we heard enough bad CRM stories.

10 The best CRM for your business is tailor made for you

We believe that each business is different. Even small businesses. Somehow has to build the CRM that is right for you. It can be the CRM vendor or the customer, but if nobody builds it right, it won’t fit the customer.

Thank you for reading

We hope you’ve learned a bit about a CRM and what it means to your business! If Excel is still working for you and everybody is using it – consider staying right there.

Thanks for reading,

Your friends at Yoman

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10 Dark Secrets of CRM
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