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2 secrets to selling like a champion with Yoman [guide]

Let’s get down to the basics of selling

So what is the secret? How can you exceed your quota?

As we know, sales is one of the oldest professions. Yet, the exact techniques required to maximize your chances of closing the deal are still not clear to all sales personnel. If you go ask 10 salespeople for some sales tips, you will get 10 different opinions. So what actually works? There are different tricks for different people. In this article, we will focus on emphasizing your value-offering rather than the features you are selling.

Over the years, we at Yoman have found again and again that these proven, battle-tested method works:

Don’t talk about the tool that you’re selling

Don’t over-mention important features of it. This is not the main issue here. The customer is never interested in the specific tool or product you’re selling. He’s interested only in how that helps him solve a problem that he has. Describe him the specific scenario(s) in which your solution is valuable. Focus on problems the customer is dealing with on a daily basis, and show how your solution can solve these problems.

Relate to your customer

It’s best if you also understand the problem, and can relate to how your solution solves it. The best tip here is just to listen carefully.

To recap – just solve the customer’s problem – he WILL pay for it! Your whole focus should be on helping your customer: bring in more revenue, save an hour a day, send less e-mails, etc.

Last but not least

And last but not least – a shameless plug – use the super-simple spreadsheet interface of Yoman. It’ll sure help you beat your quotas!

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2 secrets to selling like a champion with Yoman [guide]
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