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5 tricks to selling an expensive product [guide]

So how do you raise your product’s price AND keep selling more?

So you have a product. It’s selling well. You have some revenue. What next? You want more. Everyone wants to earn more money. Why undersell your product?

You either sell more or raise the price. Let us give you some great tips on how to raise the price.

Give something extra

When you add something to your offering, even if it’s very cheap for you, the customer can no longer judge whether you’ve actually raised the price, or just provided a new compounded offer for a few items. It’s a great way to uplift your revenue and still remain worthwhile for the customer.

Offer a service

You can also offer something more – installation, tutoring, a guarantee, more liability in case damage. Just think of something. It does have to be a service you actually provide immediately, it’s better to have a future service such as the guarantee/liability mentioned above. And you can think of more.

Rename the product

If you’re selling the same product for a higher price, try to rename it and claim it’s a new model. Be creative. It can be a new, better manufacturer, higher quality, and more.

Change the color

You’d be amazed to see how much a little change of the color of the product may be considered a benefit to customers. Think about cars. Wouldn’t you pay more to choose the color of the car?

There’s more to it

Just be creative. We’re sure you’d think of something.

Don’t forget to sell more also!

How can you sell more?

That’s the most sought after question of every reputable salesperson. To get better, you must constantly beat your quotas. So what is the secret?

Get organized

Simply getting organized can help you sell more.

What do we mean by that?

By using a CRM that will get you organized on your tasks and leads, you can close more deals with existing leads.

Ever forgot to call lead X a week later?

Ever forgot to send that price quote?

You need a CRM system that will keep track of what you’re doing, and remind you what to do. That’s the biggest secret to getting more of your current customer relationships.

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5 tricks to selling an expensive product [guide]
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