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6 Small Business Job Titles

We see a lot of new businesses popping up in every corner of the world. If you are willing to start your own small business or if you want to be a part of a new business, you need to have a clear understanding about your job title and responsibilities.

When you are creating a business, you need to pay special attention towards delivering a proper structure to it. It should be clear who is responsible for what, to prevent friction between the founders, and for the employees to know what they need to do. That’s where you need to think about delivering meaningful job titles to all the employees. With the job title, you will be delivering self-worth to the employees, as they understand their part in the great scheme that is your business.

At the end of the day, all your employees would be working towards one common goal. They should all be properly taught and explained what your business goals are and how you are going to achieve them. Tha way, you can enhance the productivity levels of all the employees. Meaningful job titles can create a tremendous impact on productivity levels. With the job titles, appropriate responsibilities can be divided and you will not have to focus on the work done by all the employees. Some exployees can be given a widely defined responsibility area, and as time passes you will learn to trust them. This bwill free you to do other tasks as well as empower them to contribute to the business in more meaningful ways. There would be a proper hierarchy among all the employees and they would focus on the assigned tasks and responsibilities.

Here is a list of small business job titles that you may need to consider:

CEO, Founder or President

This is the job title that the entrepreneur would hold after starting the new business. If you want to convince your potential clients that they are working with a corporation, you need to select the title President. Otherwise, it is possible for you to move ahead with the title Founder or CEO. There is no restriction in using both Founder and CEO as the title.


This is the second level of management. Managers can be assigned to take care of specific areas of the company. For example, managers can be assigned to handle operations, user experience, marketing, project management and research and development. These managers would then focus only on the areas that they are assigned to. The CEO, Founder or President can reach managers to get a better understanding about the respective areas that they focus on.


Representative can be considered as some sort of a generalized job title. In a small business, it is possible to see employees taking care of multiple avenues. Representative would be the most appropriate job title for them. In addition, the representatives are responsible for handling the client communications as well.

VP Sales

VP (vice-president) of Sales, is the person in charge of all sales activities in the company. This person should have freedom to choose the best sales methods for the company. Sales may include inside sales (e.g. cold calling), outside sales (in the field), and any other new creative methods of selling.

VP Marketing

This person is in charge of all marketing efforts of the company. These do not include sales activities such as making phonecalls to potential clients, but may include various adjacent areas, such as: PR (public relations), branding, creating brochures and whitepapers, and more.


The CTO (Chief Technology Officer) is the person in charge of all technical activities in the company. If you’re a software company, this is the person in charge of all the programmers. While the CTO doesn’t have to be a great coder, he/she must understand all the little details in order to properly lead the technical team.

Other specific job titles

It would be a good idea to deliver specific job titles at the start of the new business. The employees who handle accounting related work can be provided with the job title accountant. If it is an IT company, job titles such as developer, software engineer, quality assurance engineer and business analyst would come into play. Employees who come up with new content would be content creators. In addition, there would be visionary creators and creative directors, who take care of multimedia related work. When giving specific job titles, you should consider whether you are ready to expand the business in the future as well and whether specific roles should be filled in the future.


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6 Small Business Job Titles
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