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7 tips to hiring the right people for your small business

It’s all about people! In this article we will give your useful tips on how to fine-tune the hiring process for your small business.


Hiring employees is time-consuming and somewhat difficult. However, it is less agonizing than firing employees. Basically, businesses hire employees when they are in need of some additional help to meet their set goals. Though a business might be small, their workload could be big to handle on their own. At some point in a business (either small or big), an important decision to hire employees may arise. If you have decided to hire employees, it is very important to assess employee rights law to ensure that you know what to expect from your employee and vice versa. You could end up paying out a fraction of cash for infractions against employees.

This article highlights 7 tips on how to hire workers for small businesses.


Before you hire anybody, make sure you check your budget to be sure that you can afford to pay their salaries and additional bonuses without cutting into your profit. You have to consider whether you can hire an independent contractor or a salaried employee. The hourly rate of an independent contractor will definitely be higher but will be required to withhold federal taxes and state benefits. If you hire an independent contractor, you will not be required to carry worker’s compensation insurance, no employee benefits, and no need to pay the employee’s social security.

Be Honest

For one thing, be honest! If you can just pay the minimum wage, then your job is transient with lots of turnover. That implies simple and direct processes like McDonalds. Be very honest about the job description, offer, and benefits with the applicants. Make it known to them whether or not it is a long term job. With all these, they won’t be surprised in the future.

Consider College Students

If your business is located in a decent location, then college students would be a feasible option. When you properly plan an internship program within your small business, fantastic value can be added. In fact, you don’t have to pay someone, but you can get all the help you need from a recent college graduate employee. Let’s say your business falls within a few miles of a college then your college help from students can proove useful. Since economy jobs are limited and students are always desperate for money, then college students seem to appear in front of the line for any job. It is really great to get students as your employees, especially during the holiday. What’s more, hiring interns gives you a lot of great opportunity to learn someone’s work ethic before hiring them as a full-time employee. It is also your chance to gather the hottest graduates before they go work for your competitors.

Request a Resume

It is quite necessary to have a complete application and a resume before hiring employees. Requesting for a resume is a great way to get valuable information. More so, it provides information about specific job skills of individual applicants. It also includes an objective statement which can help you detect the position that best fits his or her needs. It is best to place the resumes next to the job description when comparing resumes to whatever skills you are looking for.

Workers Compensation Insurance

If your employee gets hurt on the job, this type of insurance (workers compensation insurance) pays for medical expenses and a fraction of their lost wages. The province of California, along with other states, makes this compulsory for employers when hiring employees. You have to take care of everything as this insurance is just a cost of doing business. The nature of your business is another factor to determine what the premium will be.

Hiring Agency

Hiring agencies are especially important for small businesses just on the verge of their first real hire. Since there is a termination date to the term of employment, you won’t be stuck with a financial drain if it turns out you’re not generating enough cash. Another additional bonus to hiring through a temp agency is that temporarily hiring someone is a great way to evaluate their job performance before hiring them as company employees. And if they turn out not to be a great fit, there won’t be need for layoffs as they’ll be on their way as soon as that deadline hits.


The interview helps to know the applicant and what they want out of a job. Are they just passing through or what do they really want from the job? Are they looking for low paying jobs or something more substantial? These are some questions you should know if your job requires special needs. These questions are not necessarily meant to be asked directly and it isn’t enough reason not to hire someone. Truth be told, working with people on their needs most likely means that are going to work with you on yours. It can be a lot of fun to interview and hire employees; it is the key to the successful future of your small business.

Last words from us

Always consider what is working for your business and avoid what isn’t. Note that what is working for someone else’s business might not necessarily work for you. Consider these simple ideas and settle on a process for hiring and you will surely hire the right candidate. Smaller businesses often provide employees with more creative and physical freedom. On the creative side, an employee of a small business will not only have their voice heard but also see the impact of their expertise in the business’s output. Physically, smaller businesses are more likely to make “work at home” arrangements and authorize less stringent hours.

We hope we’ve given you enough to think of as you embark on making the first hires for your small business! Good luck!

Thanks for reading!

The Yoman Team

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7 tips to hiring the right people for your small business
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