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Everybody is looking for a good CRM [2 top requirements from a CRM]

What is a “good” CRM?

When we look for new customers for our CRM, we often find businesses that have been looking for a “good” CRM for over a year, and sometimes more.

Everyone tells us that all CRMs are “bad” and they’re looking for a “good” one. But what is a good CRM? What do they mean? What are they really looking for?

Good is easy to use?

Yes, of course, everyone wants an easy-to-use CRM. And most top CRMs claim to be easy to use.

Is that what is needed from a “good” CRM? We believe that simplicity is of utmost importance, but some people perceive simplicity as the only quality they require.

Workflow adaptivity

People want the CRM to work in the way they want it to work. They have a specific “mindset” on how the CRM workflow should work, and if it does not work that way, they think it’s not a “good” CRM.

But the problem is, each business has its own workflow. Therefore it is very difficult to find a CRM that a specific business will perceive as “good”.

Of course, most advanced CRMs offer lots of customization options, but these come at a cost. Usually you have to pay consultants to identify your business needs, they need to modify the CRM to adapt to your workflow, and even then you may later need additional changes.

What Yoman Offers

Here at Yoman we give a different value proposition. Instead of a fully customizable and complicated CRM, we provide a simple spreadsheet. A spreadsheet has inherent customizability built in: it is easy to add columns, it is easy to delete columns, and therefore many small businesses just use Excel!

Excel is fully customizable!

Here at Yoman we’ve extended the concept of a fully customizable spreadsheet and gone to extreme with it: you can fully customize your dashboard by making dead-simple searches in the spreadsheet.

For example for your daily dashboard you may need:

  • new leads – just save a new search called “new leads” in the spreadsheet for new linesmarked as “new” and there you have it.
  • leads assigned to me – just save a search for leads for your name in the “Assigned to” column -and there you have it, just open it every day and see what your manager assigned to you.

And there’s more. And it’s that simple.

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Everybody is looking for a good CRM [2 top requirements from a CRM]
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