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How to close deals on cold calls [2 steps]

You lost me at hello!

Most sales reps do cold calls all the time. Yet they’re all doing it all wrong. You’ve probably heard them give excuses of the kind “cold calls is a numbers game”. “You have to make 100 calls to actually get a sales meeting”. “just keep dialing and eventually you’ll find customers”.

Yet it doesn’t have to be that way.

Let’s reflect on our experience

Have you ever had someone call you an try to sell you something? What did you think? What was your reaction? I know. You just wanted to get him off the line.

When you hear a monotonous telesales rep delivering a high-speed speech which he thinks will make a sale, you tend to not even listen to his words.

So how can you make a sales call?

The secret: don’t make the high-speed sales pitch right away, or ever. Make it a conversation! Whatever the sales rep is saying, all that we hear is just “HEY, I’M HERE TO SELL YOU SOMETHING! I’LL KEEP TALKING UNTIL YOU BUY!”. Adhere to the guidelines below.


It’s so simple! Why start mumbling instead of starting a real conversation? And for a real conversation, the person on the phone needs to know who you are!

So say: “Hi, this is David.”

Wait a second, and introduce yourself further: “I’m calling from Yoman.”

After another second: “We help you make more sales with our seamless easy-to-use spreadsheet. Is it a good time for a quick chat?”

Have him committed

It’s very important to have your potential lead committed to your conversation. You do that by saying the above question.

In the next post, we’ll also cover how you can get into the right state-of-mind and use the right tone of voice when talking to your prospect.

Thanks for reading,

Yoman Team

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How to close deals on cold calls [2 steps]
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