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Our Story – Empowering Small Sales Teams [4 steps to building our product]


Welcome to Yoman!

Let us tell you a little about ourselves and our story.

We are a team of sales and technical professionals looking to “scratch our own itch” by solving our own problems, and letting other people also use them to their own benefit.

The pain

As always, our story begins with a pain. Like many small businesses, we’ve been using Excel to manage our sales. We decided not to use a CRM, or just didn’t bother learning a new interface and all that it entails.

Quickly we found out that Excel is not really a CRM. It is great for logging our sales activities and phone calls, but it’s not enough. We needed a CRM.

The alternatives

We ended up trying a bunch of CRMs, yet we found out that all of them had pretty much the same basic interface (although in different colors, etc).

It took a while to figure out how to use Customers, Accounts, Opportunities, and get familiar with all the complicated terminology.

Yet when making sales calls, we found that this workflow is too complicated for us.

Also the CRMs offered great visual interfaces to fill in customer data, but it was cluttered with too many fields and it was too difficult to customize.

Back to Excel

After a short period of time, we were back to square one. Our sales reps couldn’t keep up with the CRM interfaces and just didn’t update them. They kept using Excel for logging their data. So we gave up.

Our perceived solution

We thought then, why not just improve Excel instead of replacing it? Excel has a very appealing interface, you just start working immediately. It’s easy to add customers, easy to add fields, why not just add the remaining CRM features that we need? (such as reminders and appointments).

It took a while

It took a while to finally understand what is needed, but we’re now proud to present you with Yoman, our super-simple spreadsheet CRM solution. You can easily add leads, collaborate with your team, set reminders and appointments, make advanced searches, and then some more.

Thanks for reading! You’re welcome to comment below and let us know what you think! Is that what you need in a CRM?

Have any other pressing needs? We want to know!

Next stages –

As of today, we’ve mostly retired our old Yoman product in favor of new lead generation tools for your website. Stay tuned!

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Our Story – Empowering Small Sales Teams [4 steps to building our product]
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