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Get Started: Kubernetes in Your Browser

Why Run Kubernetes in Your Browser?

If you’re just starting out to learn Kubernetes, you know how tedious (and expensive) it can be just setting up a cluster for testing and learning. You need to copy-paste lots of commands to run everything, yet you can’t keep it running too long as the cost is just too many.

What if you could take only one linux instance – a DigitalOcean droplet, or perhaps a single $5 node at AWS Lightsail, and just run a whole cluster there?

Sure, we have minikube – a tool to do just that, for testing. But that’s also tedious. What if you could instantly launch a cluster, test it, do whatever you want, then save the configuration and take it down on will.

We’ve been building Yoman EasyKube for doing all that, in one click from your web browser. And all state will be saved in your browser’s localstorage, so you can tinker with it, customize, and get back to it whenever you want.

We’re still working on it, join our early beta by clicking the button below.

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