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Website Analytics Simplified with AI

Show only the most important events and highlight converting clicks!

Why Yoman?

Because you need a free and easy way to understand your website visitors, and sell more with simple popups.

Get Summarized Analytics – Only Top Events

Our lightweight widget will record your website activity and provide you with an easy-to-read activity diagram.

It will analyze your complicated website structure, buttons, and transitions and show a comprehensible summary with only the most important transitions and where you could improve.

See “Fix This“? It’s an opportunity to increase your checkout rate, by trying several built-in options, such as popups, custom messages and more – and Yoman will do the A/B testing for your to do what works.

Add Popups Where It Matters – with AI

What if you could find the exact spot your user is going to close the window and provide a popup at the right instant, offering a discount code or special offer?

By combining our simple analytics tool you can zero-in on that moment and add that popup, no coding necessary.

2-minute installation

Just add our 2-line widget code to your website pages and you’re all set!

Free Forever

Insightful analytics are 100% free and will stay forever.

Daily/weekly reports – also free.

Popups are also free without any limit.

The only thing we charge for is if you wish to remove our small branding icon in the bottom-right side of any of our wide-range of actionable popup items.

If you’re a small-to-medium sized customer, look no further, you have plenty of free value to extract from Yoman. Sign up today.

Understand your users. Don’t waste time. Collect more leads.

Learn about new tools before everyone else

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