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Small, standalone business tools to get your business to the next level.

Is my startup ready for an investment?

Our free online tool will read your website using ChatGPT and analyze all the required ingredients for an investment-ready startup.

In a few seconds, we will provide honest feedback regarding what’s missing, what’s right-on-spot and what needs to be changed to increase your chances of getting funding.

Some examples include: visual elements that appear more often in funded startups, team bio, team size, problem space and more.

All the above – including comparison to existing startups that got funded recently.

Run a Kubernetes Cluster in your Browser

We’re building a lightweight but fully-fledged Kubernetes cluster that you can run and configure inside your cluster. With quick recommendations and explanations of linux commands to run in a click, you will be a Kubernetes guru in a few days. Join our beta.

Comprehensible Website Analytics

Our lightweight website widget will record your website activity and provide you with an easy-to-read activity diagram.

Get started by installing the 2-line widget in your html code and get your personal visual website map.

Popups to increase website conversions

What if you could find the exact spot your user is going to close the window and provide a popup at the right instant, offering a discount code or special offer?

By combining our simple analytics tool you can zero-in on that moment and add that popup, no coding necessary.

Find the right people you need, easily

We’re working on a tool for writing in freetext just who you need, with what skills, expertise, and any other preference, We’ll find them for you on linkedin. This will be a great boost for HR managers, entrepreneurs, job finders or anyone that is looking for a person to do something.

Stay tuned, and please sign up to receive updates.

Jumble generated text (ChatGPT)

We’ve built a great tool to jumble the ChatGPT output so that it looks good but doesn’t bear the ChatGPT signature. This will allow you to use the content in your blog, without Google and other search engines identifying this as generated content.

Jumble generated images (DALL-E, Midjourney, etc.)

If you’re using DALL-E to generated realistic images for your blog, twitter, instagram and oher social posts, we got you covered. Use our image jumbler to obfuscate the origin of the data, so nobody knows it’s generated.

Simple Spreadsheet CRM

Sign up for free to our simple CRM system that looks just like a spreadsheet but has a lot more: appointments sync’d to Google calendar, reminders, todo list, collaboration.

We’re building more

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