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So you've built a website

You have a business. You build a website. Why? Because everyone else does that. And what do you put in your website? Pictures of what you're selling (if it's a product), or explanation of your services (if you're a service provider such as a lawyer or accountant).

What next?

So what comes next? Sit and wait for visitors to come to your website, contact you, and buy from you. Is that it? What about your website? Do you know if it is properly designed to present you in the best way? Does it highlight your main skills? Does it actually engage the visitor in a way that will make them contact you? Wouldn't it be great if you could receive feedback from your online visitors on how to improve your website and services, and even grab their contact details on the way?

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Introducing: Smile Widget

We've been quietly developing a new, free tool to help you do just that - gather feedback from your website visitors. Up until now, most of your visitors have been "ghostlike", with no interaction with you at all. Using Smile Widget, you start getting new insights about what your website visitors think, and how you can finally improve your products and services, and eventually make more sales.

How does it work?

It takes 5 minutes to copy and paste the HTML code into your website. Once it's online, you'll start getting emails for the feedback your visitors enter into the widget. Learn new insights about your website, improve your services, and best of all - for free!

Add to your website, copy-and-paste from: http://smilewidget.com

We're always happy to hear your opinion, write to us at smilewidget@yoman.io

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