Using Excel to Track Sales [2 requirements]

Excel - the Master Sales Tool. Or is it?

So how do you track your sales pipeline?

Of course, Excel.

We've heard this answer a million times.

But does Excel really give you all that you need?

Imagine Excel - with a few added features.

alt text

Reminders in a Spreadsheet?

With Yoman, you can type your data just like in Excel, but for each row you can set a reminder.

That is powerful stuff.

No longer you have to go to your calendar and add an event.

You add it right inside the CRM. And inside the reminder you can your customer data.


And it syncs with your Google calendar.

Appointments in a Spreadsheet

With Yoman, you can also set appointments for a specific date/time, and link them to your customer.

And it syncs with your Google calendar.

screenshot 1

There's more

At Yoman, we've reduced the complexity to a simple spreadsheet. And there's Slack integration. Because we know you love slack.

Try it for free!

Instead of a complicated workflow - just a simple spreadsheet.

Check it out at Yoman

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