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3 Essential Free Tools for Executive Assistants

Executive assistants have a lot of work to do. Work includes setting up appointments with clients, managing the calendar of the boss, maintaining existing client relationships, calling prospective clients and much more. With this heavy load of tasks at hand, one would expect that there would be many tools to aid the executive assistant in his/her daily chores. We’ve gathered the 10 super-essential tools that any good executive assistant should know about. And don’t worry – they’re mostly free!


We all know Gmail, but there’re some useful tricks:

  1. You can create a “to do” label in Gmail and file the email away to look at it later. That way you can stay organized in real-time, as you read your daily emails, and whenever you get some time to do your tasks, check the tagged emails.
  2. You can bcc yourself the emails you send as reminders of what you sent. Then you can tag those emails with the appropriate label and file them away for future reference.

Google Calendar

Google calendar is an indispensable tool for any executive assistant. By sharing your calendar with the boss, you can set appointments for him/her, and have him/her get updated in real-time.


When you need to store and share large files, look no further than Dropdox. It is a truly indispensible tool to store your company photos, files, videos and more. But note that for storing client data – such as price quotes, proposals and more, it’s better to store the files along with all the client information, inside your CRM spreadsheet. Google sheets allows you to keep only these specific data, that is relevant to a specific customer, under the relevant row in the spreadsheet.


Don’t forget Slack, the all-in-one team communication tool. Slack allows you to talk in small groups (e.g., you, your boss and another secretary) to discuss urgent issues in a simple chat interface.

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3 Essential Free Tools for Executive Assistants
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