What does Yoman mean?

So what is “yoman”?

We’ve found 3 possible meanings for Yoman:

  1. We love how Americans pronounce Yoman – many say “yo man!”. And this is the essence of Yoman. It’s a tool for better communication with people.
  1. The Hebrew word for calendar is actually “yo-man”. And what is Yoman? It is actually a tool to manage your time. It arranges all the things that you have to do in your calendar, in a convenient way.
  2. Finally, we also envisioned a superhero, such as Superman and Batman, called Yoman. We even prepared a mascot of how that guy should look like. Unfortunately that idea was abandoned for now. We’d be happy to hear your thoughts about this guy and how he should look like. And what he does for you (which is what Yoman does for you).

Why did we build it?

Yoman is built to help you get organized: setting reminders, setting appointments, attaching files, and more. It’s very powerful, but may seem super-simple at first glance.

Try it!

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What does Yoman mean?
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