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How to choose a CRM implementation [top 6 requirements of a CRM system]

How could I differentiate between all the non-differentiated CRMs?

Most CRM vendors try to bring some differentiation into their product. Yet a recent survey of CRM users found out that the most “sought-after” feature is — simplicity.

A CRM should just solve your products like “magic”

Yes, everyone wants a “magical” product. But what is that?

A magical product gets the job done – easily. Ease of use is paramount for a product to do “magic”.

A CRM should discourage extra clicking and typing

In a CRM, you should fill in exactly fields that you need – and nothing more. No extra clicks, no extra fields. No extra typing. If you need a customer’s phone number, city and e-mail, these are the fields that you should fill. No extra fields. And it should be easy to change that – just as you do in a spreadsheet. Just fill what you need.

A CRM should encourage a ONE click methodology

To do anything, it should take just ONE click, and ONE line to type. No extra forms to fill, no heavy lifting involved.

One click, one line – such as status, progress report, etc.

A CRM should encourage sharing data – at no extra effort

Just like you collaborate on your spreadsheets, the CRM should be visible to whoever you choose, so that you can collaborate on your leads and get status updates from your team.

Yes that’s right, just like you do with the spreadsheet.

After covering the basics, a CRM should provide the basic CRM functionality to boost your productivity

How does a CRM help you close more deals? It’s not the bells-and-whistles. The first reason is by just keeping you organized. You must remember to return that call. Must remember to send that price quote. Must set reminders, set your appointments in your calendar from the CRM. And the CRM should encourage you to do that – FROM WITHIN THE CRM.

Do that, and you get 95% of the benefit of ANY CRM. If a CRM gets you to do it – you’ve mostly realized the benefits, and become a more productive salesman.

A CRM should help you close more deals

As we’ve said above – it’s just the basic CRM features, and KEEPING YOU USING THE CRM. By just making you use the CRM, which is the most difficult part in any CRM, you will become more productive and close more deals.

Most CRM vendors approach this difficulty by marketing a perceived “simple” experience. But is that really simple? A truly simple CRM should be as simple as typing in your spreadsheet.

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How to choose a CRM implementation [top 6 requirements of a CRM system]
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